Our Products

Quality and no compromise on quality are our watch words. Our products are aligned to our overall mission of customer satisfaction at affordable prices.

Organic Barnyard Millet

Loaded with antioxidants,supports antinflamation,supports boosting memory.

Almond Juice

Good source of Vitamin E, Calcium, loaded with antioxidants,supports in enhancing memory and supports in  fighting conditions like Alzheimer's disease.

Foxtail Millet Rava

Rich source of vitamin C, Folate, Potassium may improve heart health.


Raja Rajeswara Rao Velpucharla

I ordered smoothie powders and Khapli rava, for the first time. I must say, both are very tasty and exceeded my expectation. But prior to placing the order, I had so many questions to ask. Mr Kelkar patiently answered all my questions and doubts, showing that he cares for the customer.

Geeta Menon

Highly recommended. Exceptional quality & fresh. Timely delivery. Apart from Smoothies & juices, Healthy Sip is the go to place for healthy eats & other organic foodstuff & grains. Mr Amit Kelkar goes out of his way to provide the utmost customer satifaction.

Althea Moraes

The products are genuine. Their juices are of the finest quality and tasty enough to want to continue the feasting with juices on your way to good health . Highly recommended to try once at least.

Dnyaneshwar Gaddamwar

Great Products and Service. I had cold-pressed Detox juices from healthy sip twice. Absolutely satisfied with the quality of the juices and their delivery service. People in Pune must give a try if they are looking for great quality food/ juices for a healthy lifestyle.